Thursday, December 31, 2009

Back in the USA

Well I am back in the USA. I arrived in Jackson, MS about a week before Christmas after a few excruciatingly long flights. It has been great to see family, friends, and Jocelyn. I am still getting use to the US of A. It is a big change from Uganda. It is good to be back but I do miss Uganda and hopefully will go back in the future.

I had a nice Christmas. I spent sometime in Jackson, MS, with my family in Georgia, and with Jocelyn's family in Oxford.

The first thing I noticed when exploring London on my long layover, was how many white people there were and I how I sort of fit in.

The first thing I noticed when I arrived in Dallas' airport was the American accent. I have not heard the American accent in quite sometime since Uganda speaks a British English.

So anyway I will update the blog some more in the weeks ahead. I have a ton of video and pictures that I could not post in Uganda do to the internet speed.

So here are a few pics and a video from my last days in Uganda:

Most of the staff of eMi EA at our Christmas party. From left to right: Me, Semei, Kyle, Janet, Travis, Stella, Peter, Emmanuel, Wilson, Jaclyn, Janet. Front: Jill, Kahunda, Patrick

Getting a stool sample to check for worms and bacteria. Worm and bilharzia free!

In Downtown Kampala overlooking taxi park.

More video and pictures to come.

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