Monday, August 31, 2009

Few Pics from London and Kampala

Waiting on the tube.

We found Uganda's embassy in London!

Fish and chips

Big Ben

Uganda from the air

Entebbe airport

Part of our walk to the office from our apartment. All of which is up hill!

I will post some more of our apartment and office in the days to come.

david a dill

Friday, August 28, 2009


Well I have made it to Kampala!!!! Praise God! I arrived Wednesday morning at 8 after a two 9 hour flights and a 9 hour layover in London and I was completely exhausted. So i have been living here about 3 days. It has been pretty exhausting and I think I have about one more night before I am over my jetlag completely. Anyway glad to be here. Been going through orientation this week and will start doing stuff next week. I am living about a 10 minute walk from eMi's EA office. Life so far is way different than the states! It will take a little while to get used to everything and definitely still learning lot. Internet is extremely slow but I do have a phone and is free if somebody calls my number which is 011256771872687. So give me a call but remember that I am 8 or 7 hours ahead and that it might cost you a lot. But I am doing good. Learning how to live in Uganda. Please pray for me and my fellow interns as we try and adjust to life here and try and start to get involved. Thank you so much for your support and prayers! It means a lot. Blessings.

Monday, August 24, 2009

embarking on a journey

Well I leave in 2 hours and fly to London where I have a 9 hour layover and then fly out to Entebbe, Uganda. It a lot of travel time but I think it will be well worth it when I get to Uganda. Please pray for me and my travel mates which are pictured below.

I had an amazing time at Orientation in Colorado Springs. It was pretty much beautiful weather all week. It was a great bonding time for all of the interns attending and especially for the Uganda interns. We did a lot from rock climbing to hiking, from learning about ourselves and our strengths, to learning about God's heart for the nations. It was a great week of fun, fellowship, and glorifying our Lord Jesus Christ. Pray for our hearts and minds and bodies as we begin our journey.

My fellow Ugandan interns:

right to left: TJ, Me, Travis, Jack, Peter, Jaclyn, Kyle, and JangWon

Some of us will be in Kampala and the others in Jinja.

I hear the internet is very slow in Uganda, but I will try and email and post stuff to my blog. I will have a cell phone and it is free for me to receive calls. I will let you know what the number is when I get it. Thanks to all of my supporters and God bless! Next stop Uganda!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Arrived in the Springs, Colorado that is

Well, I left this past Sunday early in the morning from Memphis to begin my journey that will ultimately have me in Uganda. I flew out of Memphis at 6:05 a.m. which meant I had to get up at 4, yes 4 in the morning!! Arrived in Colorado Springs at around 10:30 a.m. So I made it to orientation where I have met a lot of really cool people who share the same vision as I do! Last night we heard a lot about the history of eMi and some of the future which is really cool. Today we worshiped and learned about God's heart for the nations of the world. Had a great time playing ultimate frisbee this afternoon. And really tired from it as well.

The elevation here at where we are staying is at a little over 6,000 feet. And it is so pretty here too. The temperature is very nice not at all like Mississippi's!

Anyway here are a few pics
This is the view out the back of where we are staying for the week in Colorado Springs.

A few of my fellow interns getting ready for breakfast.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Grand Old Times in South Carolina

Well the road trip around the south is pretty much over. I am in a wedding this weekend before I leave for Colorado Springs on Sunday at 6:05 in the morning!!!!!! Super early!

Anyway, I had a great time visiting my grandparents in South Carolina this past weekend. It was a lot of driving but all in all an amazing time that I enjoyed. I got all my stuff moved out of my roommate's, Ben, house and into my parents. So that is a huge relief.

Well, this past saturday, Jocelyn and I drove up to Greenville, SC where I visited my Grandfather and Lynn. We had a lovely time visiting and ate pretty good there. Greenville is such a pretty town and I love to visit there. We did get to go walk around the downtown area and had a great time even though it was super hot!

We drove to Aiken, SC that evening and spent the night with my Grandmother. We then went to church on Sunday to St. Johns. I got to go to Sunday school with her which was neat because she and her Sunday school class have been instrumental in my support raising process. We then got a tour of Aiken.

I also got to meet a really neat person who is very involved in Uganda. Peggy DeVine is the president of Uganda Spirit which is a non profit organization dedicated to helping to train women in crafts and help school children.

So I am getting to help them out by taking a few school supplies for a school in rural Uganda to help save on shipping! Click on the picture to see more on Uganda Spirit.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Good African Coffee

I had a friend of mine point this out to me. It is a group from Kampala, where I will be, that sells coffee. Anyway, sounds pretty cool and I will definitely try and check them out when I am over in Africa. Less than a week before my journey begins!

Pics from Georgia

Hiking through the woods at Sharptop Cove in Georgia.

The Waterfall!!!!

Hiking back up to the trail! It was steep!

Celebrating my parents 30th anniversary at Pappadeaux

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Road Trip!!!!!!!!!

Well, my life has began to get crazy!!! The beginning of driving all over the southern part of the United States began this past Sunday. I have officially been in a different city everyday since Sunday and will continue to do so until Tuesday. Let me give you my schedule so far:

Sunday: Left Jackson, MS with my car completely full of stuff and drove to Loganville, GA where my parents live.

Monday: Visited Sharptop Cove (a young life camp where Jocelyn was on summer staff a few times) in Jasper, GA. Amazing place. I feel like I missed something from my childhood by not attending it when I was in high school.

Tuesday: Marietta, GA riding the rides at Whitewater.

Wednesday: Back in Jackson, MS for a commissioning prayer at Pinelake. It was amazing and I am very humbled by it. It means a lot.

Thursday (today): In Oxford, MS to pick up Jocelyn's mom's truck and Jocelyn has an interview.

The next few days:

Friday: Move the rest of my stuff to Loganville
Saturday: Go visit my Grandfather and Lynn in Greenville, SC
Sunday: Visiting my Grandmother in Aiken, SC. Back to Loganville
Monday: Back to Oxford

Whew! I know I am already worn out from it!

Please, please pray for me. Especially for safe travel and for me to continue to seek God during this busy time.

I had a great time this past weekend. Jocelyn was in a wedding and I got to see two Godly people get married to each other. Congrats, and I pray that God would bless Andrew and Alison Ross' marriage!

It was nice to see my parents on Sunday and to see Sharptop Cove on Monday.

Tuesday night, Jocelyn and I got to celebrate my parents' 30th anniversary! What an amazing number. You don't see many couples make it to 30 or even close nowadays. They are such great examples and while they have had tough times, they have allowed God to be the center of their marriage. Love you both! Pictures will be up soon I promise.

Thank God for His Grace!!!