Friday, November 20, 2009

Cultural Lesson for the Day

I hope you are well. A little update for you:

My team has what we consider 90% of our project report complete. It is getting reviewed by other staff and the rest of our team. After we get back the comments and suggestions, we will then make some changes and then it is publishing time!

In the meantime, I got a quick cultural lesson today from Stephen, our head of security here at eMi EA, on how to de-wing and de-leg grasshoppers. You would then take the grasshoppers and fry them up and eat them. Anyway they taste like a really greasy potato chip. Most people love them and they are a particular favorite of Stephen's.

Taking off the wings!

Wingless grasshoppers waiting to be fried!

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  1. Man! that looks tasty... I miss ya bro! It's almost Christmas time, I hope to get to see ya over the break.